Jinya Ramen Bar

We decided to go to Jinya Ramen Bar for dinner tonight. What triggered my interest was its all-black exterior – except for the white Japanese kanji on the sign. I thought, “That looks cool!”

We went inside around 5 pm and it was already quite busy. It was smaller than I thought, but the interior design was also very cool and very modern. Black ceiling, red brick walls, wood table tops. The atmosphere was very lively. Can’t wait.

We sat down at the bar. We ordered 3 appetizers: Jinya bun, salmon avacado, and shrimp tempura. As for entrees, we both had Tongkatsu black, one with thin noodles and one with thick noodles.

The Jinya bun was the first dish that came. We each took a bite and was surprised that it tasted just like the Chinese barbecue pork that we used to have near our apartment in China. We decided that it was the best Chashu we’ve had in the Salt Lake area. Good start.

Then the shrimp tempura and the salmon came. The portion was smaller than we thought. The salmon was pretty good, although it was not the most flavorful salmon we’ve had. As for the shrimp tempura, we wouldn’t call it “tempura”. It was just regular fried shrimp coated in creamy spicy sauce. Hmm, not so good.

Next, the ramen bowls arrived! They looked delicious! I must say the service was very speedy. We hadn’t even finished our appetizers yet. We tried it. At first, it was not too bad. The flavor was awesome – not too salty, just perfect. It was just that the broth was really thick and starchy, as if the noodle water hadn’t been changed for a while. It just coated my mouth with a layer of grease. The toppings were yummy, but the egg was too soft. The yolk just flowed into the broth, which made it even thicker. I didn’t finish my bowl. I thought I would get sick if I took another bite.

All in all, we were a bit disappointed, mostly by the starchiness of the broth. The portions also seemed too small for the prices. However, it has a very nice atmosphere and very good service. I would give it 2 out of 5 stars.


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